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EnergyBroker fills the gap between developer, engineer and builder with registration of electricity and gas meters for new property development.


Working with Marlet, one of Ireland's largest property development companies our team managed the registration of a new development in Dublin 6. Comprising of 179 domestic apartment meters, 18 GP landlord core meters, 1 LVMD meter and 1 FVT gas meter.


When it comes to the management of energy registrations, a gap exists between the developer (Marlet) the consultant engineers (OCSC) and the builders (Elliot’s). EnergyBroker fits into that gap like a glove. Our account managers act for the developer insuring that the winning supplier provides the correct tariffs at the most competitive rate.

We then liaise with all parties to ensure that the developer has all sites registered on deadline as provided by the builders, giving the engineers plenty of time to ensure that safety certs are issued, meters are installed and energy flows on schedule.  


Our approach

The consultant engineers provided EnergyBroker with the necessary gas and electricity connection agreements, as issued by networks. The developer instructed that the FVT gas meter, which will feed a district heating system, was the first meter to be registered. This was completed in a timely manner.

The next phase of the project was to sell the apartments, therefore, rather than register all of the apartments and landlord meters, we only registered the GP electricity landlord core in which the various show apartments are situated, along with the actual show apartment electricity meters. This insured that the developer did not have to pay unnecessary daily standing charges. 

Once sold, we were provided with a deadline by the developer, as laid down by the builder. With is in mind, we ensured that the remaining landlord and apartment electricity meters were registered on time. This allowed for the issuance of safety certs and the installation of meters, prior to energisation.

We account manage all of the meters for the duration of any term agreed with a supplier. It is important to note that our remuneration is paid as a commission by the winning supplier. We consider the energy account project management element as being a core service.  

Project management - Account management - Consultancy - Energy administration -

Working to deadlines