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Large energy users


Bespoke quotes from industry-leading experts in large business energy

Compare electricity and gas with EnergyBroker and you’ll have immediate access to large business electricity rates and gas prices, tailored to the supply requirements of your organisation.

large energy users ireland

Bespoke commercial energy

When it comes to energy procurement, it's not just about finding the cheapest tariff and moving on. We understand that high-energy consumption businesses and corporate organizations like yours have unique needs, whether it's half-hourly and multi-site meters or flexible approach contracts.

With our vast experience, we specialize in helping large businesses discover a better energy deal that aligns perfectly with their goals. Through our strong relationships with Ireland's biggest energy suppliers, we have exclusive access to the latest wholesale market pricing. Our dedicated brokerage team, specifically catering to large and industrial business energy switches, will take care of the entire process to ensure a hassle-free experience for you.

MIC Reviews

Large business customers operating at full capacity require special 'Maximum Demand' meters installed to meet their high electricity demand on the grid.

A maximum demand meter measures electricity usage and alerts ESB Networks if it exceeds the supply capacity.

Large energy users are assigned a Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) in kilovolt-amps (kVA).

Setting the MIC correctly is crucial to avoid unnecessary costs. A high MIC may result in overpaying for capacity and a higher PSO levy, while a low MIC may lead to an Excess Capacity charge.

Electricity contracts

There are fixed and variable options available to large energy users.

A fixed contract for one to three years fixes the energy unit price, providing budgetary certainty and protection against shocks or increases in wholesale energy costs for businesses.

A flexible contract allows businesses to fix the energy unit price for part of the contract term and float on variable unit prices for the rest. This option is ideal for businesses that closely monitor energy prices and are willing to take on higher energy costs if the market goes against them.


Gas contracts

FVT (Fuel Variation Tariff)  pricing structures apply to large energy users.  These include commodity charge, fixed charge, site charge, shrinkage charge, carbon tax and VAT.

FVT customers pay a lower commodity charge but offset it with a fixed charge, site charge, and shrinkage charge. Setting the SPC correctly is important to avoid overpaying.

Customers can choose to fix commodity costs for each month or specific months of their contract term.

Why we stand out

Procurement Solutions

Let our professionals find the perfect electricity and gas contracts for your business. We simplify pricing and streamline supplier management, so you can focus on what matters most.

Tracking and Analysis

We will assist you in acquiring the necessary data for budgeting and internal reporting, while also keeping an eye on energy consumption and expenditure to ensure effective tracking and analysis.

MIC Reviews

Our team of energy experts will provide valuable insights and guidance regarding your meter type and MIC, ensuring that you don't pay more than necessary for capacity or find yourself tangled in a costly pricing structure.


Contact our energy experts to help your business with energy usage, renewable goals, and expenses. We understand the unique challenges faced by large businesses and offer effective solutions.

What is a large energy user?

Find out if your company falls into this category based on the following factors:

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Electricity usage

If your annual electricity usage exceeds 500,000 kWh or your Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is higher than 150 kVA, you will be classified as a large energy user.

Gas usage

If your annual gas usage (EAC) exceeds 750,000 kWh or your Supply Point Capacity (SPC) surpasses 3,750 kWh, you will be classified as a large energy consumer.

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large energy users ireland

Meter type

Large energy users have the following meter types - DUoS Group DG6, DG7 or DG8.

Discover all options available to your business today

Energy experts

We have a deep understanding of the challenges that large businesses encounter in managing energy usage, meeting renewable targets, and controlling costs.

Connect with our team of energy experts to discover the solutions we can offer to benefit your business.

Get advice on:

  • High electricity usage
  • High gas usage
  • Maximum import capacity (MIC) charges