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Compare Business Energy


Businesses all over Ireland trust EnergyBroker to compare electricity and gas prices

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Business energy contracts

  • Free price comparison

    Find the cheapest electricity and gas prices available to your business
  • Hassle free switch

    Dedicated account manager working with you from start to finish. Switch supplier with no disruption to your connection
  • Customer service

    Get contract end date reminders and price comparisons. Never over pay again. All billing and meter issues resolved. Customer support 5 days a week.
  • Green energy

    Renewable options. Show customers, investors, employees and the wider community your business is committed to sustainability.


Why should you compare business energy suppliers?


Switching your business energy contracts annually could save you up to 35%, reducing electricity and gas bills significantly.

The main reason Irish businesses don't switch is because they find it inconvenient. At EnergyBroker, we offer a hassle-free service by comparing prices from various providers, ensuring you get the best deal and avoid expensive contracts.

Our customised quotes are generated in minutes, and our customer service team handles the entire switching process, including paperwork, to provide a smooth transition with no disruption to your supply.

Focus on running your business while we save you money. Compare your business energy today!

How to compare business energy prices

It only takes a matter of minutes to compare business electricity prices from the wholesale market using EnergyBroker. You’ll just need a copy of your latest bill to get started.

We need your bill so we can see important information like -

Your business tariff type

Your bill holds the key to determining the type of meter you have, which in turn helps us provide an accurate quote for your specific tariff.

Annual electricity and gas usage

We will analyse your yearly electricity and gas usage, enabling us to predict your expenses for the upcoming year.

Your current provider

Not only do we offer alternative options for switching providers, but we also possess the ability to secure a favorable renewal rate through successful negotiations with your current supplier.

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Get an instant price comparison

Hassle free switching

If you haven’t switched energy supplier in the last year, or ever, you’re definitely overpaying on your business energy bills.

If you've just received an energy bill and your contract is up soon, we will analyse your options and send you a price comparison.

Competing energy suppliers offer great rates to attract new customers.

Frequently asked questions

How will I be charged for using EnergyBroker's service?

We do not charge our customers. Like an insurance broker or financial broker we will receive payment from the energy supplier.

Will EnergyBroker give me access to all the tariffs out there?

Yes, we compare prices from all suppliers so you get the lowest rates available on the market.

Will I be able to switch to the supplier of my choice?

Yes, you can switch if you are out of contract.

What information about my business do I need to give EnergyBroker?

We need a copy of your latest energy bills (electricity & gas) and a signed LOA (Letter of Authority) for us to contact the suppliers on your behalf. We will send over an LOA when you contact us.

How long will the process take?

Once we have your bill details we can let you know within a day if your business is paying too much for it's energy. We will then advise you and based on your decision we will handle all aspects of the switch for you.


If you haven’t switched energy supplier in the last year, or ever, you’re definitely overpaying on your business energy bills.

Competing energy suppliers offer great rates to attract new customers.


We’ve found the main reason 84% of businesses don’t switch is because they think switching is a big hassle.

Or that they won’t end up saving much money.


At EnergyBroker we handle every aspect of the switching process for you.

From start to savings, we will do everything. This allows you to get back to running your business.