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Swan Leisure Case Study


Keeping electricity costs down by 19%


Objective -

Advise the leisure centre on how stop paying high fluctuating prices every month for electricity & gas.


Insights -

Gyms and swimming pools are Large Energy Users. One of the most low cost ways to save money is through energy price review.


What we did -

We connected with Swan Leisure six years ago in 2014. At the time Swan Leisure did not have anyone managing their energy accounts and both the electricity and gas accounts were floating on high default rates. Electricity consumption is 370,000 kWh’s. Gas consumption is over 2.5 million kWh’s. In 2014/15 we saved 17% on gas and 19% on electricity.

Swan Leisure trust us to manage their energy procurement needs, and we are in contact on a regular basis. With high consuming accounts it is important to verify the rates applied to the account on a regular basis. We do this in an unobtrusive manner on a regular basis.

Swan Leisure prefer the certainty of fixed term rates. This allows for budget certainty which is important for a semi state run business.

All information supplied with permission by Clodagh Kilmurray, CEO, Swan Leisure.


Services we offer -

Keeping track of every contract end date

Finding the best kWh renewal rate

MIC reviews. Checking that capacity is sized correctly on both LVMD electricity and FVT gas sites

Resolve all billing and meter issues

Contract end date confirmation