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Find the best rates for your business energy needs

Compare business energy rates in Ireland

High Voltage Consultancy

At EnergyBroker, we find you the best business energy rates

No matter what size your business, we work with Ireland’s top electricity and gas suppliers to find all possible savings on energy bills.

What is EnergyBroker?

EnergyBroker specialises in switching electricity and gas contracts for businesses throughout Ireland.

We cater for a wide range of sectors including SMEs, Property Management and Large Energy Users.

With EnergyBroker by your side, you can effortlessly handle your energy contracts and seize every opportunity to save. Take advantage of our no-obligation price comparison today and discover our recommendations on how you can take control of your business energy and lower costs.

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Business Energy

  • Compare your current energy bill and see what savings are available 
  • Get help setting up new business energy contracts
  • Smooth transition to new energy supplier
  • Contract end date reminders, never pay high variable rates again
large energy users

Large Energy Users

  • Bespoke energy price comparisons
  • MIC and Meter type reviews to ensure you are on the best tariff and price structure for your business 
  • Forecast business energy budgets
  • Meet your sustainability targets with sustainable and green energy options
property managers

Property Managers

  • Price comparisons from all Irish energy suppliers
  • Switch contracts to get better rates for your portfolio
  • Organise your online billing portals and administration
  • Contract end date reminders
1000's of Irish businesses trust EnergyBroker to switch their energy contracts
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Our story

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Don't take our word for it, read how we have helped businesses around Ireland manage and lower energy costs.

"Phil handles all of Dax’s energy contracts. Great piece of mind knowing I’m always paying the best price for my energy"
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Olivier Meisonnave, Owner of Dax Restaurant